Our secondary school meals are carefully planned by in-house nutritionist, chefs and through valuable feedback from students.

Cooking rather than simply preparing and plating is now at the forefront of the kitchen activity. By combining great ingredients with some flair and imagination we are able to keep our secondary menus fresh and appetising for our demanding young customers.

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The Incito team are always extremely efficient and respond well and quickly if we require anything to be followed up. I find that all the staff work well together and support each other well. They are excellent colleagues who have a very pleasant disposition and are professional in their attitude.
Assistant Headteacher


Our Secondary School seasonal calendar celebrates food from around the world as well as reinforcing the health benefits of eating certain foods



I have had the pleasure of working with GSS Incito for a number of years in two very different schools.
Their attention to detail and professionalism ensures our catering services are seamlessly managed and they have become an integral service partner to our school.
Our staff and students enjoy the choice and quality of their food offer which is always made from fresh ingredients suiting a range of budgets.
As a business, they have invested in our catering facility which has resulted in increased sales and more importantly higher levels of customer satisfaction.
We look forward to a continued working relationship over the coming years.
Sheila Maskell, Business Manager